Sunday, July 31, 2011

Working with Site Studio 10gR4 Placeholders

Keywords: UCM, SiteStudio, placeholder, contribution region, region definition, region template

Placeholders are a more flexible version of “contribution regions” from earlier releases. Placeholders were added in Site Studio 10gR4. A placeholder identifies where a region could be used for Contribution on a web page. Multiple placeholders may be added to a Page Template and identified by a placeholder name.

Each placeholder name has a placeholder definition.

A placeholder definition allows multiple Region Definitions and furthermore multiple Region Templates could be associated to each Region Definition

Region definitions are reusable groups of individual elements for a site content type.

Region templates are partial HTML files -i.e. no head and no body sections-, that define the layout and look-and-feel of the data in contribution regions within web pages.

This placeholder gets assigned a content file into it. This file is stored in the UCM Content Server and is called a Contribution Data File. Contributor data files are associated with a region definition to store the data for each element in the region definition.

A single placeholder on a web page can provide one of the multiple layouts associated to a placeholder (list of layouts determined by the Region Definitions associated to the placeholder definition).

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  1. Hello:
    how i can implement dynamic News from UCM with Content Presenter ?i have xml file for each news this file have element for news title,news Image ,news Body and i am parsing xml file through region template from UCM using ssIncludeXml ,My problem is when i want to click on the news i need to open it on another page in spaces with full news description?


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