Monday, September 12, 2011

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Creating and editing a page in SiteStudio 11g from the Web

Creating and editing a page in SiteStudio 11g from the Web In SiteStudio 11g, every page must conform to a Page Template. Each Page Template will use a Contribution Region that would map to a Region Definition and Template. Sounds complicate, but it is a simple process. Let’s dive into it!

1) Check In a Data File into UCM The UCM Content Server is the repository for Site Studio 11g.

In order to create a page in SiteStudio, we need to check in a Data File (Web Asset) into UCM via the SS_CHECKIN_WEB_ASSET Service. For example,

As soon as you launch the above URL, it will ask you to login into UCM Content Server. Note that this service will pre-select “RD_1_WYSIWYG” as the Region Definition for this page. Its Document Type will be set to “ATeamDoc”. The “Public” Security Group will be used as shown below:

Make sure you select meaningful Title and Content ID’s.

2) Edit Data File from the Content Information UCM page

Find the new data file in UCM and navigate to its Content Information page.
In the Content Actions section, you will find the option to Edit Data File as shown below:

3) Edit the page by using the Site Studio Contributor Application.

The Site Studio Contributor application enables “contributors” to add and update content on the Web site using an inline editing environment that can be called directly from the Web site or from UCM itself. By default, the editor used with Site Studio Contributor is based on the CKeditor (

4) A new version get added to UCM

Now the new page can be accessed directly through a link or referred from a SiteStudio website.