Sunday, July 31, 2011

Webcenter and IPM

As with any tech work, one simple need can lead to another and another and soon there is a thread of quests in FMW layers to sweep up.

I was looking at viewing I/PM documents in Webcenter Spaces and thought sharing the same UCM should suffice but there is a bit more to it, obviously including sharing same security (LDAP).

I had two separate VMs with Webcenter and I/PM and so as a first step I made the latter use the same LDAP as WC but now when I login as admin user IPM admin tools are not available anymore... and thus the "sub-quest" began with looking at enabling log details etc and the summary is :

I/PM has its some tables in its own schema that store user/object info and those are

These have GUID entries that need to be updated as needed (eg. when I moved the LDAP). In my case it was sufficient to delete entries in the first table as I did not
care much about the install I was playing with. However, the proper way to get this right is to use the refreshIPMSecurity feature.

cd /common/bin
wlsL/base_domain/serverConfig> connect() <- with your login info

( This can also be done from EM using the refreshIPMSecurity command available under the application MBean for oracle.imaging ).

Now where was I - oh yes, on to the next step :)

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