Friday, May 6, 2011

Introducing the E2.0 A-Team

I am both fortunate and humbled to have the unique opportunity to introduce the blogosphere to an elite group of engineers know lovingly in the Oracle community as the "A-Team." More specifically, the contributors to this blog are comprised of the E2.0 contingent of Oracle's Fusion Middleware Architecture Team, otherwise known as the "A-Team". This particular group of product specialists maintain expert knowledge in the areas of WebCenter, ADF, UCM, SiteStudio, and IPM and support Oracle's key middleware accounts worldwide. I am certain that you, the reader, will find ample nuggets of wisdom in this blog to help further your current or future Fusion implementation, but should the information in this publication fall short ... you know who to call on. ;-)

Enjoy and good luck,
Ric Smith
Director, E2.0 Fusion Middleware Architecture Team

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